4 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

By | June 8, 2020

There are many voice-converting apps on the Google Play Store however the true ones are few and some distance among. When it comes to calling, voice changer apps can help you change or modulate your voice even as on a phone name, the alternatives are even fewer. That’s due to the fact although it may be a laugh, the audience for such apps is honestly small. There are a few builders even though who’ve arise with decent apps. Here are the 5 great call voice changer apps for Android.

1. Magic Call

MagicCall has extra features in terms of voice converting compared to the app above. It has some preset voices that make you sound like a few other famous people. Or at least, that’s what it claims but that didn’t really seem to work for me.

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You can create your personal custom preset that you could fast use later too. There are heritage sounds to so that you can faux being at a party, for instance. The one drawback is you need to register the usage of your telephone number to even try the app. So you need to make that choice.

2. FunCall

FunCall is a truely desirable app and it actually got here as a surprise. Instead of looking to make you sound like a celebrity and fail, it really modifications your voice to five presets: Helium balloon (very high pitch voice), Funny sound (high pitch voice), Man sound (low pitch voice), Scary sound (very low pitch voice), Regular sound (your herbal voice). You can change among these all through the call. There are approximately 10 one of a kind historical past sounds you could use all through the decision as well. The app also provides the choice to document the amusing name so you can effortlessly share the call with other friends.

3. Call Voice Changer

On the surface, this app does similar things as other apps in this list. That is it helps you to control your voice for the duration of calls but as opposed to using presets, it offers you extra control. You can alternate the diverse residences of your voice like component, pitch, shift, size, etc. On top of that, you can upload echo effects, change the pace, etc. It additionally lets you load your own music to feature your voice on it.

4. Best Voice Changer

A massive limiting component with this one is that you need a SIP account and can simplest call users who have a SIP account too. You can get loose sip debts at www.Linphone.Org or do an internet seek of ‘free sip account’. To call landline or cell smartphone numbers, you probably need to create a SIP account with a sip provider that has a .Com cope with and those SIP debts aren’t precisely loose. When you have got that, the free version of this app simplest provides three sound alternatives: chipmunk, deep, and robot. The premium version carries 23 sounds which includes saw-man, alien(s), cyborg(s), robot(s), freaky, and others.

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